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Ready to start a new you? With our menu and your goal in mind we are here to help. In our members area you can sign up free to become a subscriber to our newsletter and our valued assorted calculators, glycemic indeces, food diary, and blog. We are here specifically for you.
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Ready to start a new you? With our menu and your goal in mind we are here to help.
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YOUR PERSONAL CHEF has been providing Fresh, Delicious, Gourmet food to the highly recognized, medically supervised Lindora Weight Loss Program for 12 years.  During that time, we have prepared over 2,000,000 pre-cooked microwaveable meals and have helped thousands reach their desired weight control goals. 

Our philosophy has always been to provide Gourmet Fresh Food that is high in protein, low in fat, low in carbohydrates and FULL OF FLAVOR.  Our meals are prepared, using only the finest of ingredients, Fresh Produce and NO PRESERVATIVES.  All items come in our unique "Refrigerator to Microwave" packaging that allows up to 7 days of refrigerator shelf life. We steadfastly refuse to believe that diet food cannot taste great.


We feel that this track record of success is ready to be shared with other professionals interested in the overall health of their clients.

In addition to our Weight Loss Menu, we also developed a special menu for a comprehensive Workout Program. This menu is designed for both morning and evening workouts by changing the carbohydrate and protein loads. Professional Trainers and bodybuilders can both benefit from the design of this menu.

Our Executive Chef has crafted these menu items after working with numerous exercise and health care professionals for over 6 years in order to fulfill all of their nutritional requirements.  All items on menu are shown with complete nutritional information as full meals - including entrée and the Chef's daily choice of fresh steamed vegetables.  A small salad should be added to complete all of these lunch and dinner meals.  

These items are measured and weighed to precise specifications that enable you to lose weight while enjoying cuisine of a wide variety of Gourmet, International dishes that will enhance your culinary experience.

Contact us for further information or special requirements.