Where can I get Your Personal Chef fresh meals?

You can place your order through the Lindora clinic nearest to you! Your Personal Chef also delivers meals to the Lindora clinics on a weekly basis. The meals left at the clinics are based on the menu for the week.

How long can I keep YPC food refrigerated?

All items come in our unique "Refrigerator to Microwave" packaging that allows up to 7-21 days of refrigeration (3-4 days for salads). 

Can I freeze YPC meals?

Meals that are vacuum sealed can be frozen. Orders of $85.00 or more will be Vacuum Sealed.

Are YPC meals Gluten Free?

Please check out our Gluten-Free page for more information!

How do heat my YPC meals?

Open outer cover film. Remove inner bag, cut open and pour contents back into black container. Microwave for 30-90 seconds (depending on your microwave's power) until hot. Do not overcook.