Gluten-Free Options


What is Gluten-Free?

The gluten-free diet is one that does not contain wheat, rye, barley, and in most cases oats. Gluten is a protein found in these grains that can get people very sick. People with celiac disease or gluten intolerance cannot eat any products that contain this or else they will become very ill. 

Where is gluten usually found? Gluten is found in nearly all flours that you can find at the grocery store. 

What does YPC do to promote gluten free menu? YPC does not promote or market their menu as gluten free. Though majority of our meals are considered gluten free because we do not directly use any flours preparing our meals; few of our Knorr sauce base and soy sauce contain Wheat flour and cannot be considered gluten free. 

What does YPC do to prevent gluten cross contamination in the kitchen? Once again, YPC kitchen is not gluten free because from time to time our facility may use flours and oats. Our facility uses the same pots, pans, cutting boards and utensils and cannot guarantee prevention of cross contamination.  

Gluten-Free Items

Over the years YPC clients/patients on gluten free diet (at their free will) have been successfully consuming the following menu items:

1. Tomato Balsamic Dressing 

2. Salsa Dressing 

3. Creamy Onion Dressing 

4. Low carb BBQ Sauce & Marinade 

5. Santa Maria Tri Tip 

6. Slow-Roasted BBQ Beef 

7. Chili Colorado 

8. Taxes Baked Ham 

9. BBQ Pork Tenderloin 

10. Chicken Santa Fe 

11. Portobello Citrus Chicken 

12. Baja Chicken 

13. Chicken Italiano 

14. Hickory Smoked BBQ Chicken 

15. Orange Ginger Chicken 

16. Chicken Florentine Sausage 

17. Chicken & Wild Mushroom Sausage 

18. Chicken & Turkey Mediterranean Sausage 

19. Southwestern Tilapia 

20. Cosmopolitan Tilapia 

21. San Antonio Tofu Verde 

22. Monterrey Tofu Sonora 

23. Tofu Fajitas 

24. Denver Omelette 

25. San Francisco Omelette 

26. Spinach & Mushroom Omelette 

27. Chicken, Spinach & Red Pepper Omelette 

28. Chicken Taco Soup 

29. Tarragon Chicken Vegetable Soup 

30. Lindora Supreme Salad 

31. Blackened Chicken Mexican Salad 

32. Chef’s Salad 

33. Albacore Napa Wraps 

34. Curried Chicken Spinach Salad 

35. All Curries 

36. All Fajitas 

37. Blacken Chicken with Italiano Spaghetti Squash

38. Grilled Tofu with Italiano Spaghetti Squash

39. Ground Turkey Marinara with Spaghetti Squash

The following items that contain wheat flour in their gravy or dressing base are: 

All three Stir Fry dishes, Salad Oriental, Tofu Oriental Salad, Pork Tenderloin with onion gravy, Roasted Turkey Breast with gravy, Turkey Pot Roast with gravy, Chicken Europa and Chicken Cordon “Shrooms” and these items are not considered gluten free. Oriental Dressing contains low sodium soy sauce made from wheat and it’s not considered gluten free.